Twitter Tools Part 1

  • Twitter Tools Part 1
    by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

    Twitter Tools (part 1 of 6): “For Fun and More

    Twitter Watchdog presents Twitter Tools Part 1 of 6 For Fun and MoreEarlier this year, Evan Williams CEO and Co Founder of Twitter reported that there are about 2,000 3rd party tools and apps for twitter. Wow~ Did he say 2,000? That’s a lot of options.

    To keep things simple we’re sharing a tidbit with a link to some of the more popular twitter tools in use today. This is part 1 of 6 and we are beginning with twitter tools and apps “For Fun and More”

    Crowd Status– View the status of your friends on Twitter in a start-up page style.

    Bkkeepr– With this service, you can track the books you are reading on Twitter.

    CommuterFeed – You can share your traffic report on Commuterfeed using Twitter.

    Foamee – This is a fun site that allows you to track people who owes you beer or coffee using your Twitter account.

    FoodFeed – is a micro blogging site that you can use to post about your food habits through Twitter.

    InnerTwitter– Meditate by receiving chimes at regular intervals from InnerTwitter.

    Notches– Allows you to write reviews of certain items on Twitter.

    Hahlo– if you are not satisfied with your Twitter interface, you can check out Hahlo to manage your Twitter account. It gives you a separate profile page and the rest of the Twitter features in a new look.

    My Tweeple– Manage your friends and followers in Twitter on a single web page.

    Post Like a Pirate– This tool allow you to convert your post into pirate-speak before posting it to Twitter. I, however, don’t need it, because I already speak like a pirate. Yarr!

    Quitter will help you how to use Twitter to quit smoking. Bonus points for cool name.

    Roll the dice – You can use this service to do all the silly things on Twitter like roll a dice, flip a coin, deal cards, or generate a random number.

    StrawPoll – Sends out polls on Twitter that you can participate on. As they say, you can never have too many polls.

    TrackThis – This is an useful service to get updates of your shipment using Twitter. It supports FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL tracking codes.

    Twee60 – You can tweet your Xbox live status with Twee60 automatically.

    TwitResponse – Set up your Twitter posts for the future.

    TwittEarth – This is a 3D model of the earth displaying the latest updates on Twitter across the globe. You can download the tool as a screensaver.

    Twitterfeed – Posts your blog posts automatically to Twitter.

    TwitterMeThis – When you follow TwitterMeThis, it will send you a question randomly. If you are the first to answer that question, then you get $5.

    TwitterSpy – provides you a Google map on its site. when you hover your mouse above certain locations on that map, you get to see the latest public posts from that area. Strangely addicting.

    Tweetclouds – Create a word cloud from a public Twitter stream using this service.

    Tweetgift – Remember Facebook where you can poke, throw a sheep, or hug a friend? Tweetgift enables you to do the same on Twitter.

    Twaction – Another service that lets you do Facebook-style pokes and slaps at friends.

    Twistori – Based on Summize, this service collects Twitter messages with words such as love, hate, think, believe, wish, and feel and displays them on its site with automatic updates.

    Twitpoll – You can participate on polls using Twitter through Twitpoll.

    Tweetshots – this service allows you to take your Twitter posts to Tumblr, embed in websites, or send over email.

    TwitterAnswers combines Twitter and Mosio, so that you can send questions over Twitter and have them answered by other people.

    Twitter Karma – This tool fetches your Twitter friends and followers and displays them for you, letting you paginate through them in a nicer way than you would on Twitter.

    TwitterNotes – You can create notes on TwitterNotes using Twitter and tagging your notes.

    TwitterPoster – This site generates a mosaic of user icons of those with a large number of followers on Twitter.

    TwitterSnooze – If you have friends on Twitter who are updating every 10 seconds and are irritating the hell out of you, you can simply now snooze them away using this tool.

    TwitterSpectrum – Based on Summize, this tool show you the associated words of two pair of words or names in a nice spectrum layout.

    Xpenser – Record your expenses using Twitter. You can also use other mediums like email, SMS, IM, voice, etc.

    Who Should I follow Who Should I follow – Find interesting people to follow on Twitter using this tool.

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    Twitter Tools Part 4

    Twitter Tools Part 4
    -by Al Ferretti and Skeeter Hansen

    Twitter Tools (part 4 of 6): “Photo and Video Sharing”

    TwitPic allows you to share pictures on Twitter

    Photo and Video sharing on Twitter has become more and more popular. While many of you have taken advantage of Twitpic for photo sharing. Here’s some additional places you may want to consider next time you would like to share a picture and/or a video.


    Pikchur Use your computer, cell phone, or any other mobile device to post your pics, and Pikchur takes care of distributing them all over the social web for you! An upgrade package is available to track stats too.

    TweetPhoto offers a lot of the advanced options you might enjoy for free: Stats, geo-tagging, retweeting, favorites, and more.

    Twitgoo is probably the most Twitter-like one of the bunch. You can tweet right within (after signing in) and include an image from the section where you post your Tweet.

    Upload an image or video from your desktop or from an URL, enter your message, enter your credentials to Twitter, and click post it. a simple interface.

    12seconds Create short video clips that you record with your webcam, mobile phone, or upload. Show people where you are and what’s going on.

    TwitC Use Twitc to organize, search, view, comment, share, embed, batch download, collect, favorite, rate uploads, view timelines and profiles, post links to or embed files, and send updates to your profile on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and 35 other sites.

    Twiddeo Upload from the web, your cameraphone and record from your webcam.

    TwinLens- Simply login with your Twitter credentials and you are ready to start sharing media on Twitter.

    Have you tried these photo and video sharing sites?
    Which ones do you like or dislike?
    Do you know of any other photo and video locations that integrate with Twitter?
    We love your comments, please post them…

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