Twitter Business Marketing

  • Twitter is an ever growing online phenomenon that many businesses both large and small are taking advantage of. If you aren’t using Twitter business marketing to your advantage then you’re leaving some serious cash on the table, read on to learn how to get started.

    Social media is a new way for small and large businesses to get in touch with their customers and find out what they want. It’s a great new tool that has changed the way a lot of people do business and marketing research and it’s something that can have huge implications for you and your company. Regardless of what type of business you’re in Twitter can be used to help give your company more transparency and communication to your customers. This will ultimately mean more customers and more money for your business.

    Twitter business marketing really boils down to branding and communication. If you’re going to properly utilize a social media platform like Twitter you need to make sure you’re doing it correctly from the start to avoid making any big mistakes. For example you’ll likely want to link your Twitter profile page from your main business website (assuming you have one) and then also use your logo as your profile picture.

    Regularly updating your profile via “tweets”—the 140 character posts you make on your profile—is important for keeping customers interested and engaged. Regardless of whether it’s a Twitter profile for MTV or a local pizza store this is a critical point in making it work. When it comes to proper Twitter business marketing making sure you are relevant and staying up to date with current events can help make a constant reminder to your customers that you share a relationship and common interests.

    Tweet about promotions you’re running, how local or regional news is impacting your business or customers and even talk one-on-one with some of your followers. A few things you will want to avoid with your social media marketing efforts is posting negative or offensive material, talking about competitors, not responding to replies or leaving your account dead for a long period of time with no recent tweets.

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    Twitter Business Tips and Tricks

    Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most-used social networking sites for businesses.

    But what is it that makes Twitter so good for businesses?

    There are many reasons; the first would be that it is great for getting your message across to a lot of people. Twitter currently has around 6 million active users per month; many are businesses and many are individuals. In this post I am going to tell you how to make the most of this site.

    When Twitter first originated, it was used by individuals to keep in touch with their friends, and to let them know what they are doing. Recently, however, businesses have discovered the potential Twitter has to grow their business.

    Businesses use Twitter for a couple of different reasons; to build rapport with prospective clients, and to raise their brand awareness.

    To be successful on Twitter as a business, there are a few simple steps;

    1. Increase your visibility. The more you tweet, the more people are likely to follow you. The more people that follow you, the more people you can get your message to.
    2. When you first join Twitter, you will have to create a profile. Think about the impression your profile has on people visiting it; is it boring, or is it something that intrigues the viewer, and makes them want to receive your tweets?
    3. When someone send you a message or tweets about you, don’t ignore it. This is exactly what you want from Twitter; a chance to interact with someone. Many people make the mistake of just tweeting and not interacting with other people. You shouldn’t do this; one of the main reasons for you joining Twitter is to interact with not only individuals, but other businesses as well
    4. NEVER tweet direct sales messages, such as ‘visit this site to buy …….’ You want to redirect people to your site, and your site will do the selling for you.
    5. Don’t just tweet about yourself; tweet about interesting articles you have read on the internet, and include a link to it
    6. Establish yourself as an expert – if people think of you as an expert in your industry, you are going to be the first person that they ask regarding a problem they may have. They also increases the chance that they will want to do business with you in the future.

    And there you have it – a few tips to increase your success on Twitter. In my next post, I am going to give you a few tips to using Facebook for your business. Don’t miss it! If you have any more tips for Twitter, leave a comment.

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