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There are thousands of twitter applications; twitter has different varieties in it from simple twitter applications to automatics content generators. The scope of twitter applications are so vast, it’s up to you that how do you choose the best twitter application which can give you more benefit.

Every twitter application has different purpose, like one site allows you to specify a new background for your Twitter page.  By clicking you can automatically upload to your home page, simple to use. It’s a great way to customize your page and to generate more interest.  Getting your profile and home page right are two of the most important factors in getting more followers in Twitter.

When your page is ready, you want to set up this site to automate the following of people who follow you, and send direct messages to your new followers.  The message can be as simple as a welcome greeting, or may include a link to a webpage.

Few applications are used to find people of same interest. It’s more interesting when you follow those people who have same interest as yours. So you can easily follow them. Using these kinds of twitter applications will help you to find people in the niche you are promoting and therefore improve the click through rate when you send them links in your updates and direct messages.

Other twitter applications are to find people who share similar interests to you. This one allows you to search by subject matter but also you can meet those people who are from your city. You can then click to follow them.  This is a great tool for structuring geographically-based campaigns.

Why Twitter applications are made??? The reason is to give comfort and facility to the twitter user. Finding single person from lakhs is very difficult job. This is one of the reasons that twitter applications were launched. Special twitter application is available which help you to find a particular person with the same community, interest and same geographical reason.

In Twitter there are few terms which you have never heard of it before joining twitter like tweets which mean comments, followers which mean friends in your list. These things sound so good that’s why people attract to twitter and want to know what these things are. Though meaning of these terms are common but still tweets, followers are very catchy words and this is the reason that what makes twitter different from other social networking websites. Orkut, facebook and so on all these are social networking websites. With the advancement in technology these social networking websites launched. With these sites their special features like for twitter, twitter applications launched. The usage of these sites became popular in people especially in youth. Best source to connect people in all over the world. Alumni meets started happening through these sites. Friends, relatives, old buddies started connected with each other. Then slowly various other social networking websites are launched. Now on internet on the average maximum people surf these sites on the internet.

Twitter applications are the additional feature of Twitter which helps to overcome the drawback of Twitter.

Pallavi is an executive of Wensil i technologies.

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