Creating An Efficient Writing Approach For Your Marketing Efforts

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The amount of time, energy and talent that goes into creating content for an online marketer’s article marketing and distribution convinces some to contract with a professional article writing service. I recognize that many other marketers prefer to do their the writing themselves, so I offer these strategies to better maximize the return on the investment of time.


* Set aside time every week to write articles for distribution. This is usually a several hours during the weekend and possibly a couple of hours each working week depending upon my schedule. Currently, my weekly goal is four articles. With other writing commitments including my website, this sometimes is quite a stretch for me.

* Create an easy format that you can easily copy and paste your efforts into those sites where you regularly contribute. Record the following: (1) A title that meets the site’s policies such as of 100 characters (2) Word Count (3) Copyright Statement (4) Bio or Signature statement that meets the character guidelines (1101 for Ezine Articles) (5) key words (100 characters for Ezine Articles) (6) A table for key words to be used within the article and as search words.

The table is probably the most beneficial element within this format. As I write the article, I plug in phrases that I believe have high key word value. The table can be easily copied and pasted into a new article with similar key words. These key words then can be prioritized from highest to lowest and used as the keywords within the article submission site. By using the highlight tool, I can quickly determine what words are used within the article’s content.

* Write from your own personal experience and avoid the “Royal ‘We.'” People look to the Internet to find answers to their questions from people who have actual experiences. Use the personal touch to begin to build a relationship and not to “sell” your product or service. Feel free to incorporate a bit of humor, if the subject matter allows it. Again, remember you want them to want more and click through to your website.

* When selecting the topic, determine the focus through researching the keyword popularity. If you have an exceptionally long article, break it into 2 or more shorter articles.

* After writing your article, review the content and begin to actively search for words or phrases that will increase the “hits” to your articles. Many times I believe I have an incredibly great title. By using a key word search, I can truly learn if the title is extraordinary or just plain ordinary. For example, in a recent article I had planned to use the phrase “bulls eye” in the title. As I am a very visual individual, this word conjured up an arrow hitting a target. Inventory overture revealed 3,190 searches for “bulls eye” while the word “target” had 1,814,599. My next action was to quickly change the title to maximize this key word

In MS Word, under the Edit Button, you can scroll down to Find and enter each key word to determine if that word or phrase is included within your article. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using the right amount of key words is also important. An overload of key words is just as harmful as not enough key words. My strategy is to identify 20 top key words for every article and incorporate them at least one time and not more than three times into the article..

Hopefully, these strategies will not only improve your Internet marketing through increased traffic to your web site, but will also improve the quality of your articles and potentially start to build those relationships with future customers or clients.

Twitter Traffic Tips – 3 Simple Way To Flood Your Website With Twitter Traffic!

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Gaining a lot of Twitter traffic for your website can be very easy. As soon as you have got a Twitter account you basically need to follow the three following steps below to bring in far more traffic using Twitter:

Twitter Traffic Tip #1: To begin with you need to start placing other people and websites on your Twitter network. Following people on Twitter will allow them to follow you back. So you will need to ‘follow’ people that choose to ‘follow’ you back.

Twitter Traffic Tip #2: Every time somebody replies to a ‘tweet’ which you create you will need to respond back with a “@ reply”. That means your subscribers to see that you pay attention to them and care about them creating a relationship. This will keep up your Twitter traffic and build a lot of good bonds between them.

Twitter Traffic Tip #3: You could attract a lot of traffic by basically marketing your Twitter web link. One way to do this is to put your link to your Twitter account on your website and by placing it in every email that you send out, also put it in every classified ad which you make.

The more that you promote your Twitter account the more traffic you will attract which means the more followers you will have. This traffic will then bring you more money for your online business that is what you ultimately what your main goal should be. It will more importantly give you more free systems of advertising your online business or website.

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