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Make sure you include you picture in your profile. This picture can be of you which some say it should be. Other people use a picture of their kids, animals and pictures that pertain to their business. Some people update their pictures on a regular bases. You will have background to pick out for your profile page. Twitter supplies you with some basic backgrounds to use. You can make your own or download some from different sites out there that offer twitter backgrounds.

When you twitt you have a picture that shows up with your twitt. This picture can be the same picture as in your profile, or it can be an avatar. It is best to use the same picture throughout your social networking sites. The picture again can be anything that you want. An avatar should be related to your business.

You have a 140 characters to “WOW” your followers. Which really isn’t a lot but it’s enough to say what you need to say. Make sure you inspire, entertain,
educate, and join in on conversations with your followers..Yes, you can promote you business, website and blog..I have never promoted my business through twitter
but I have promoted my blog..Be careful not to just push your business. You need to be yourself. Build relationships with your followers. They will come
to you and want to do business with you..that is what has been happening to me..

You can use abbreviations to help save your characters. Make sure that everyone will be able to understand your twitt if you do. There are many abbreviations
used on twitter. Here are a few of the commonly used ones….

RT= retweet
RTL= retweet love
BRB= Be Right Back
LOL= laugh out loud
ROFL+ Roll on the floor laughing (there are many versions of this one but sticking to the basic one)
TY= Thank you
YW= Your Welcome
:+)= Smile
OMG= oh my God
Grrr= frustration
ugh= frustration
DM= Direct Message

Many more I can list but you will learn more as you begin to twitt. Don’t hesitate to jump into conversations which will help you build relationships
and friendships which is the foundation for a good business relationship. Your twitters have to know that they can trust you and count on you if you
want them to do business with them.

When you RT someone you need to put a RT(space) @workingmoms (space) (example) that way the person you are RT’ing will get it in there @replies…Retweet in a common
curtsy in the the twitting world. When you get RT’d it is proper etiquette to tell the person thank you for the RT. I do that and then ask them how their
day is going..but that is just me. Some people don’t thank peeps for RT’ing…I’m happy that somebody takes the time to RT so I always thank them. If someone
RT’s me then I try to RT them back. To spread the twitter love…example of an RT….RT @workingmoms

Always reply to some with an @then their name…example(space)@workingmoms(space) again this way they will get a copy in their mentions..

Direct Messages or DM’s (as they are known as) are messages that everyone cannot see. You can only DM people who are following you…So lets say if I’m
following you I can not DM you but you can DM me. So if someone Dm’s you and you can not DM them back then they are not following you..If you DM someone and they
can not DM you back then you are not following them. A little confusing huh…There is a drop down box at the top of the DM box..If you can not find
the follower you wish to DM the type a -D hit the space bar then type the name of the person you are DM’ing then hit the space bar again. The
name of the person you are DM’ing should appear in the box above. (example) D workingmoms can take off the D workingmoms once the name appears and you
are ready to start typing your DM.

Favorites is for any twitt that you want saved. Some people save their twitts or twitts that they want to go back too..I usually put my favorite twitters in my
favorite’s or twitts I want to go back to. Everyone can check to see what you have in your favorite.

Updates is all the twitts that you have sent out…not a good place to save your favorite twitts that you would like to use later.

Followers are people that are following you…to me it goes up and down like a roller coaster…don’t get to concerned unless it takes a huge nose dive..this
could be a twitter hiccup…

Following are people you are can unfollow people from here who you no longer want to follow. I usually unfollow people who unfollow me..

This covers the basic twitting for the newbie twitter…Remember one important thing when twitting….Twitt how you would like to be twitted…be nice

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