WordPress Plug-ins Important To Your Business

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  • It’s natural to assume WordPress is only for blogs and nothing else. While, in addition to your internet marketing site, you might have your own blog there is no reason that you cannot use WordPress for both types of sites. WordPress is a highly regarded CMS, or Content Management System, that is versatile and flexible. It can be customized in many different ways thanks to the many plugins that exist, so you can use them to make your site have many functions. Here are some excellent plugins for IM marketers, and you should at least evaluate them for your business.

    The FD Feedburner plugin is something all online marketers will find extremely useful. So just imagine that you can have the benefits of Feedburner because this plugin makes your blog feed into a feed for Feedburner. People can subscribe to your RSS feed, and that way they’ll save a little time because it’s not necessary to go to your site. With RSS your readers will be alerted whenever you update your site. People appreciate the convenience of RSS because it removes the need to go everywhere looking for updated content. FD Feedburner plugin makes it very easy for people to consumer RSS feeds because Feedburner feeds can be read by almost any reader on the web. All the latest affiliate marketing methods can be learned by looking at this Halloween Super Affiliate Bonus webpage.

    The Similar Posts plugin kinda does what you’re thinking it might do. When you use this plugin, after you make a post the plugin will find other similar-content posts and insert a link at the end of each post. The point to all that is to engage your readers and encourage them to keep reading and stay on your site. This kind of strategy is an excellent approach to keep them engaged. You never want to do something to destroy their natural curiosity.

    SMS Text Message is a plug-in that allows your subscribers to receive your announcements of site updates via SMS text messaging. Ok, first it uses an optin form that it places on your site. The way it works, when someone opts-in, is they put their phone number into the form, and then they’ll automatically receive updates via texts. So this is a unique approach to updating your subscribers of any site updates. But we feel we have to warn you that this could take time to do because people may not be comfortable with opting-in with their phone numbers.

    Millions of bloggers and marketers have discovered how powerful and versatile this platform really is. And it seems the numbers of IM marketers using it only get bigger every day. Many people assume that WordPress is meant only for bloggers. There’s no truth to that. If you want to learn more about the latest internet marketing techniques you should read this Halloween Super Affiliate web page.

    You can use this in whatever manner you care to. Also, you can configure it to do just about anything with all the plugins.


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